PHP features

A collection of PDT features related to PHP core.

Code formatting

PDT code formatting on steroids. Built-In PSR-2 formatter profile.

pdt extensions code formatter

Class creation wizard

Adds a "New PHP class wizard" which will generate things like abstract methods of superclasses and interface methods.

pdt extensions code formatter

Getter/Setter generation

Create getter/setter methods for your properties automatically.

pdt extensions code formatter

Semantic analysis / quickfixes

  • Checks your classes for missing use statements and provides a quickfix to inject the correct statement.
  • Checks your classes for missing interface methods and provides a quickfix to generate the missing methods.
pdt extensions code formatter pdt extensions code formatter

PHP CS-Fixer integration

Fix your coding-standards directly from within eclipse using the PHP Coding Standards Fixer

pdt extensions code formatter

Integrates PHP Maven into eclipse.

eclipse php maven integration ecipse php maven integration

PHPUnit support

Run PHPUnit tests in eclipse.

eclipse pdt phpunit support

PHP Codesniffer support

Validate your scripts with Codesniffer.

eclipse pdt codesniffer support

PHPDepend support.

Integrates PHPDepend into eclipse.

PHP Copy/Paste Detector Support

Check your scripts for copy/paste code using Copy/Paste detector.

makegood pdt plugin makegood pdt plugin