Framework support

Integrate your favorite framework and toolset in PDT.

An Eclipse plugin for Symfony and the Symfony components . Features include:

  • Codeassist for Symfony specific elements, like services, routes, template paths, entities, translations and twig blocks.
  • Navigation: Hyperlinking of routes, templates, twig blocks/functions/filters and services
  • Annotation support
  • Twig support
eclipse symfony route support eclipse symfony service support
  • Initialize a new composer.json file
  • Search for packages and install them in your project
  • Install/Update dependencies
  • Visualize your dependencies via a dependency graph
eclipse pdt composer initialize comopser.json eclipse pdt composer require dependency eclipse pdt composer require dependency

Eclipse support to edit and run phing build scripts.

eclipse pdt composer require dependency

Yiiclipse integrates the Yii Framework into PDT. Install it to get the following features:

  • New Yii Application Wizard
  • Navigation
  • Code Completion
    • Yii::app()->[CWebApplication] type inference.
    • View $this (CController) type inference
    • $this->widget alias completion
    • Yii::import alias completion
eclipse yii project wizard eclipse yii code assist

Provides support for the following Drupal files types:

  • *.module
  • *.install
  • *.test
  • *.info
  • *.theme
  • *.engine
eclipse drupal support

eclipse drupal support
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